Austin Events

"What Austin events are happening today?"

This page tells you about some of the major festivities that are planned each month. One thing about Austin: regardless of the time of year, there's constantly something happening. 

Austin's population is large, youthful and active, and with quite a diversity of interests. Whether you're into art, literature, science, history, education, computers, music, film, exercise, pets, nature, the environment, or social issues, it's a good bet there are functions and gatherings designed with you in mind.

Austin's mild climate means that both indoor and outdoor events can be held at any time during the year. The Austin Marathon takes place in February, and Rodeo Austin is held in March.

Browse the list of festivals, meetings, races, and other exciting Austin events on these and the following pages. Then go out and enjoy!

Learn about Austin events in July or use the links below to find out about events throughout the year.

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