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Allandale is a quiet suburban neighborhood just north of downtown. It's a good place for young couples, seniors, and empty-nesters as it has affordable one- and two-bedroom houses and is close to the center of town and offers easy access to local highways. Many of the houses have been here for decades and so have many of the residents. A close-knit community, with an active neighborhood association and lots of local shops and restaurants.

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Allandale is an established neighborhood in north-central Austin with many small to midsize homes, local shops and businesses, and a close-knit community of middle-class, young and senior couples. It's a good place for couples with small children because it's a safe, quiet, suburban neighborhood with schools and parks in the area.

In addition to having lots of local shops and restaurants, Allandale offers easy access to other parts of the city because it borders MoPac on the west and Rt. 2222 runs through the neighborhood, and downtown is just a few miles to the south.

The neighborhood association, established in 1973, is very active in bringing the neighborhood together, through events like the annual Fourth of July parade, and in improving the community, like building flood-prevention infrastructure. Amenities include the recently improved Beverly Sheffield Park and the Northwest Recreation Center for indoor sports and activities.

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Beverly Sheffield Park

Northwest Recreation Center

Northwest District Park

Views From the Street

Northland Dr. and Shoalwood Ave. Gullet Elementary School Park View Dr. and Nasco Dr.
Northwest Park Whitepine Dr. and McElroy Dr.

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Footage of the 2012 Fourth of July Parade:

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Allandale has many one- and two-bedroom houses, and some larger ones as well. The majority were built in the 1950s and 60s. Home values have remained steady around a median of $300,000.

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