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Brentwood is an eatablished neighborhood in north central Austin, having existed for over half a century. The area has many one-and-a-half story bungalow-type houses, some of which were purchased by returning GIs after World War II. Many of the residents have been here for decades, as have many of the local businesses, resulting in a close-knit community. The Brentwood Park and annual festival present opportunities for residents to get together.

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Originally cotton fields and dairy farms, Brentwood was annexed by the city in the 1940s to create a residential community. Today, Brentwood is a historic but trendy neighborhood with tree-lined streets.

Many of the bungalow-style homes in this area were purchased by returning GIs after World War II. Many of these original residents have stayed in the neighborhood. Some houses, residents, and businesses have been here since the neighborhood was formed, resulting in many close relationships. Brentwood is known for its 1930s-vintage burger restaurants and bars.

The location is good for those who want to live in a quiet, safe, suburban neighborhood, but still be close to downtown and have access to major local highways.

As the Austin population has expanded, the popularity of the region and stable home values have led to some new construction. Lately, some of the older homes have been replaced by more modern designs, resulting in a mix of old and new.

In addition to the original residents, musicians and artists who work downtown have settled in the area, as have professors and students at the University of Texas. The neighborhood also has several high-tech companies.

The area is family-friendly, with top-rated public and private schools. Nine-acre Brentwood Park is nearby, with tennis courts, playgrounds, basketball courts, a volleyball court, and a swimming pool. Each year the Violet Crown Festival, a neighborhood tradition, is held in Brentwood Park. Additionally, a creek called Arroyo Seco runs through the neighborhood and each Christmas the creek is decorated with luminarias.

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Brentwood Elementary School McCallum High School Brentwood St.
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Brentwood has a lot of two- and three-bedroom houses, with values of $200,000 to $300,000. The majority were built in the 1940s and 50s with some in the following decades. There are also apartment complexes located along the major streets, occupied mainly by young singles and University of Texas students.

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