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Chestnut is a smaller, residential neighborhood with a mix of homes and low-rent apartments. Chestnut has a reputation for being low-income and high crime, but the neighborhood is slowly upgrading. Although most of the homes are older and modest in size, some new, larger houses are being built. The neighborhood is close enough to downtown and the University of Texas that residents can bike to either location.

The largely Hispanic and African-American population tends to be friendly and low-key. Although there are few dining or entertainment options in the neighborhood itself, surrounding areas have many restaurants and stores.

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Chestnut is named for Chestnut Ave. which bisects the neighborhood and is lined with inexpensive apartment complexes. Just six blocks by nine blocks, Chestnut is smaller than some other neighborhoods in the area and mostly consists of rows of small, but well-kept homes and some newer construction. Most of the commercial activity is along 12th St. and Martin Luther King Blvd., where a few longtime casual restaurants are located and some new businesses have recently moved in.

Like some other east Austin neighborhoods, Chestnut is slowly rejuvenating. The city is focusing efforts on upgrading the east side, and many Chestnut residents are working diligently to upgrade their locale. More Austinites are discovering the benefits of this neighborhood: convenient location near downtown and the university, and ready access to public buses and the commuter train. Property values are steadily rising, and some older, rundown houses are being torn down and replaced with new, larger homes.

Although the neighborhood still has some seedy sections, overall crime is down, the neighborhood economy is picking up as more businesses take root, and young professionals, families, and business owners are moving into the area. The neighborhood has some green spaces and Rosewood and Downs Parks are nearby. The area is also close to the Austin Community College Eastview campus and Huston-Tillotson University.

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Chestnut Ave. E. 12th St. and Maple Ave. Ulit Ave.
E. 12th St. and Chestnut Ave. E. 18th St. Cedar Ave.
Poquito St. Walnut Ave. E. 17th St.

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Homes in Chestnut are modestly sized, one-story, two- and three-bedroom, built in the 1940s through the 1970s. Some older homes and empty lots are being replaced with newer construction. As of 2013, home prices for existing homes are in the $100K to $200K range, and new construction is priced around $300K to $400K.

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