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East Cesar Chavez is named for E. Cesar Chavez St., one of the main streets that pass through this neighborhood. East Cesar Chavez is a diverse, active neighborhood just east of downtown. Diverse in the styles of homes, and the types of businesses and people in the neighborhood. Active in that there are many dining and nightlife options in the area.

The neighborhood retains much of its old-town feel, but has undergone a revival recently with many new, local businesses springing up, including a variety of restaurants and bars. Downtown is just a few blocks west. Public transportation is readily available.


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East Cesar Chavez offers a combination of urban living and natural scenery. The northern section, toward 6th Street, has many dining and entertainment options (and more expensive housing). The southern section is quiet and residential. Lady Bird Lake borders the neighborhood to the south and is a favorite place to stroll and look at the city skyline.

The neighborhood has many local restaurants, bars, shops, and personal service businesses, such as hair salons. The area rivals downtown in the variety of dining and nightlife available, but does not have the crowds and tourists. The area also has its own food trailer park.

In the residential part of the neighborhood are tranquil residential streets with modest but colorful homes with eclectic yard decorations. There are also more bars and restaurants, and Mexican food markets. Further to the east are upscale condos. Near the lake is a large community garden, as well as shady picnic areas and a hiking and bike trail along the river.

The population is largely Mexican and longtime residents. Lately some young professionals and Austinites from other areas have moved here who are attracted to the many shopping, dining, and entertainment options and lack of big crowds.

The neighborhood does have some seedy areas and dive bars, and still has a reputation for being somewhat unsafe, but offers a lot for those seeking a neighborhood with original Austin character and plentiful entertainment. There are public and private schools in the area for those with kids.

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San Marcos St. E. Cesar Chavez St. Nash Hernandez Senior Rd.
Haskell St. Cross St. E. 6th St. and Onion St.
Attayac St. Riverview St.

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East Cesar Chavez is in a desirable location near downtown, but being east of I-35 has tended to limit its growth potential. Home prices average in the mid-$200K to $300K range, and there are some fixer-up homes in the $100K range.

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