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Hancock is a comfortable, safe, residential neighborhood conveniently located just west of I-35 and north of the University of Texas and downtown. Despite being close to the center of the city, the neighborhood is quiet, with many single-family homes on streets lined with mature trees.

The area also has parks, bike-friendly streets, an abundance of green space. Shopping, restaurants, fitness centers, and live music are readily available in the neighborhood, and public transportation is easily accessible.

The neighborhood is popular with families, university students and faculty, and professionals who work downtown.

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Hancock is one of the more desirable places in town to live, particularly for those who work in or near downtown or the university campus, or those who simply want to be close to downtown.

Hancock residents have access to many amenities, including a large shopping plaza with a fitness center and 24-hour supermarket, theaters, museums, parks with tennis and basketball courts, a swimming pool, and hiking trails, and many restaurants, shops, and nightlife options.

The neighborhood also borders I-35 to the east, which offers access to the rest of the city and other businesses and casual restaurants that line the highway. The neighborhood has many bus stops to provide access to other neighborhoods close by.

I-35 and 38th St. are two busy thoroughfares that run through or near the neighborhood and are noisy with significant traffic. The rest of the neighborhood, however, is quiet, residential, an area where people can bike and walk.

The houses consist of older, modestly-sized bungalows, many dating back to the early 1900s. There are also some apartment complexes and larger homes. Residents consist largely of families, people who work downtown, and groups of university students.

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Hancock Golf Course

Hancock Recreation Center

Hancock Shopping Center

Shipe Park

Eastwoods Park

Elizabeth Ney Museum

Views From the Street

Ellingson Ln. E. 38th St. and Red River St. E. 41st St. and Peck Ave.
Red River St. and Harris Ave. 43rd St. and Bennett Ave. E. 41st St. (Hancock Shopping Center)
Lee Elementary School

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Real Estate and Apartments

The neighborhood's prime location tends to raise housing prices. Although the homes in Hancock are mostly older and modestly sized, the average home price exceeds $300K.

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