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Heritage Hills is an affordable, lower-income neighborhood bordered by two major local highways. Housing is inexpensive here, and it is easy to commute by car. There is also easy access to public transportation. However it has a reputation for being a high-crime area with some unsavory sections. Like many other neighborhoods east of I-35, residents are working on local improvements, and the city has plans to upgrade the area.

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Heritage Hills, also known as Woodbridge, is an inexpensive area for individuals and families just starting out and looking for an affordable, suburban, conveniently located neighborhood. The neighborhood has mostly houses, low-rent apartment complexes, and industrial warehouses, but there are some ethnic and casual family restaurants and fast food on the borders of the neighborhood.

There is green space, with North Acres Park nearby and Little Walnut Creek flowing through the neighborhood. The neighborhood is located adjacent to Hwy. 183 and I-35 on the south and west, giving easy access to the rest of the city. The trip to downtown is 20 minutes. 

The area is high-traffic, though, and gets very congested during peak hours. Additionally the surrounding area is known for being crime-ridden and rundown particularly the north section of the neighborhood along E. Rundberg Lane. It is not a place to be out walking after dark. 

However, many neighborhood residents are working with the city to improve the neighborhood. The neighborhood association actively works to maintain the neighborhood and there are plans to upgrade North Acres Park, build out the neighborhood with more green space and shopping centers, and even combine Heritage Hills with its neighbor to the north, Windsor Hills. 

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North Plaza Durham Dr. Rutherford Ln.
Shenandoah Dr. Connor Dr. Furness Dr.
Pepperell Ct. Wisteria Tr.

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Houses in Heritage Hills were built mainly in the 1980s, with some in the 1970s or 90s. They are mostly one-story and modest in size. Lately some newer, larger homes have been built, especially in the south section of the neighborhood.

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