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Holly is an up and coming neighborhood whose residents are trying to dispel the image of east Austin as being rundown and crime-infested. The area does have its share of crime problems, but Holly is in the process of rejuvenation. Larger houses and upscale, multi-story condominiums and apartments are being constructed that are attracting younger professionals and families to the neighborhood. A new park is being added, and the neighborhood is close to downtown, south Austin, and Lady Bird Lake, which is a significant attraction.

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Holly dates its origins to the early 1900s, and many residents have lived in the neighborhood for decades. The northern section is commercial, with strip malls, shopping centers, and grocery stores. The southern section is residential, with modest, charming, colorfully decorated houses.

Although Holly is an established, predominantly Mexican-American neighborhood, it is undergoing a transformation that is attracting new, younger residents to the area. Many new homes and condos are being built in the area. A power plant built in the 1960s was demolished and the land turned into a local park. This revitalization process is driving property values up. Although some modest homes still run in the high $100K to $200K range, newer and larger homes go up to $400K.

The area is within walking distance to downtown and Lady Bird Lake, providing options for nightlife, entertainment, and outdoor recreation. Public transportation is accessible with city bus routes going through the neighborhood. Within the neighborhood itself there are casual restaurants, bars, and live music venues, especially along E. 6th St., E. 7th St., and E. Cesar Chavez St.

The neighborhood has other options for recreation and sports. Pan Am Park and Recreation Center has tennis and basketball courts, a baseball field, wading pool, playground, BBQ grills, and picnic area. The recreation center includes a gym, boxing club, weight room, dance studio, and computer lab.

Metz Park and Recreation Center offers hike and bike trails along the lake, ball fields, a fishing pond near the lake, as well as a shaded basketball court, meeting room, kitchen, and dance studio. The recreation center has after-school programs and programs for seniors.

Edward Rendon, Sr. Park on the lake is a favorite picnic area and also has ball fields, basketball courts, BBQ pits, a fishing pier, hiking trail, and a swimming pool, and is located on the Lady Bird Lake hike and bike trail.

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E. 6th St. and Robert Martinez Jr. St. Chicon St. and E. 4th St. Santa Rita St.
Elkhart St. Canterbury St. and Anthony St. Anthony St. and Jesse E. Segovia St.
Holly St. E. Cesar Chavez St.

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Holly has many modest, two-bedroom homes built in the mid-1900s or earlier. Home prices are in the mid-$100K range. Lately some newer, larger houses and condos have been built, priced in the $300K to $400K range, causing overall property values to rise.

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