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Johnston Terrace is a small, lower income neighborhood in the far east side of Austin. Although it is beginning improve with new construction and development, Johnston Terrace still has some rundown sections.

Some residents are working actively to improve the neighborhood, but it remains a relatively high crime area with some neglected parts. The neighborhood also has toxic waste sites.

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Johnston Terrace is located rather far from downtown and so has not benefitted as much from the general east Austin upgrade as other neighborhoods. But there is some new construction of larger homes taking place. Otherwise, the neighborhood has a lot of working class contractors, casual ethnic and fast food restaurants.

There is a lot of industry in the area, with landscapers, masons, contractors, and car repair shops. Some of the abandoned warehouses have been turned into studios by artists, attracted by the inexpensive housing.

Public transportation is not easily accessible here. The neighborhood is close to Hwy. 183 and Airport Blvd., two major local thoroughfares. But traffic in the area can be very congested during peak times. The hazardous waste storage sites scattered throughout the area are also less than appealing, and create health and pollution concerns. Johnston Terrace is an exception to Austin’s overall environmentally-conscious policies.

Other than casual ethnic restaurants, there is not much in the way of dining or entertainment options in the neighborhood. One bright spot is 26-acre Govalle Park. It features basketball and volleyball courts, ball fields, a swimming pool, and picnic facilities and barbecue pits.

Govalle Park

Givens District Park

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Bolm Rd. Stuart Ct. Interchange Blvd.
Smith Rd. Perry Rd. Mahan Dr.
Walton Ln. Emmitt Run and Steven Creek Way

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Johnston Terrace has mostly one- and two-, and some three-bedroom homes. Most were built in the 1970s, with some in the 1980s and others in the 1950s and 60s. Home prices are in the low- to mid-$100K range. There is some new construction taking place with larger, more expensive houses.

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