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North Austin Civic Association is a large, multi-ethnic, urbanized neighborhood north of downtown. The population is diverse, with a combination of retirees, students, Caucasians African-Americans, Hispanics, Vietnamese-Americans, and immigrants from up to 50 different countries. The predominant groups are Caucasians and Hispanics.

For such a diverse population, the community is relatively close-knit, and takes pride in maintaining the safety and livability of their neighborhood. Although the buildings and public parks became neglected in years past, residents are active in improving the area.

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North Austin Civic Association was originally part of a vast rural farming settlement in the Nineteenth Century, and one of the homes from that era still remains as a historic site. The area was annexed by the city in the 1970s and rapid growth and urbanization resulted. Many buildings were put up to replace the open fields and forests and public parks were created. Since then, some of the public facilities have fallen into disrepair; however residents are working to improve the neighborhood’s amenities.

North Austin Civic Association is one of the largest neighborhoods in Austin, so large it is divided into six geographical sections, each as large as some other neighborhoods in town. It has a larger Vietnamese population than average, as well as Hispanics, African-Americans, and other ethnicities.

It also has more rental properties than most other neighborhoods. It is also one of the more affordable areas of town. As a result many students choose to live here.

The residents here are community- and family-oriented, and are active in constantly upgrading the area, such as by adding new playgrounds and preschools. Also, the active neighborhood association takes care to ensure regular policing for crime and drugs and that building codes are enforced.

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Quail Creek Park

Wooten Park

Walnut Creek Metropolitan Park

Views From the Street

Topperwein Dr. Newmont Rd. Bird Creek Dr.
Quail Creek Park Quail Cove Bangor Bend
Redfield Ln. Lanier High School Wooldridge Elementary School
West Loop Little Pebble Dr. and Mearns Meadow Blvd. Blue Quail Dr.

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North Austin Civic Association has many smaller, one-story homes with around 1,500 square feet and two or three bedrooms, built in the 1970s. Home prices are around $150K-$200K. There are also some larger, newer homes.

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