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Old Enfield is a historic neighborhood with elegant homes, large, well-furnished parks, top-performing schools, and a convenient location. The neighborhood is just west of the University of Texas campus and north of downtown, so residents can easily access the shopping and entertainment amenities of those areas. It also borders Hwy. 1 (MoPac) and Lamar Blvd., two major local thoroughfares, offering easy access to other parts of Austin.

As one of the most desirable and expensive neighborhoods in town, Old Enfield is home to some of Austin's most distinguished residents. There are also professional singles and families here including university faculty.

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Old Enfield is one of the older, historic neighborhoods in Austin. You'll find large, well-preserved homes on wide, tree-lined streets, lots of green space, and several parks. The neighborhood's appearance harkens back to the early days of the city and residents strive to maintain the area's unique environment. The area is considered one of the most prestigious locations in Austin because of the historic atmosphere and convenient location.

Although it offers a tranquil sanctuary in the middle of the city, the neighborhood is located close to the University of Texas and downtown. Residents have easy access to the shopping and dining of downtown and south Austin, and other parts of the city via Hwy. 1 or Lamar Blvd. which border the neighborhood.

Spanning the eastern section of the neighborhood is the Shoal Creek Greenbelt, a large, natural forested area that stretches from north central Austin to Lady Bird Lake and contains a hike and bike trail. Within the neighborhood, the greenbelt expands into Pease Park, with many playing fields and grassy areas and an open leash area for dogs.

Pease Park is popular among Old Enfield residents. A jazz festival is held here and so is Eeyore's Birthday, a quirky Austin tradition. Other local amenities include West Austin Park and Caswell Tennis Center. Bordering the neighborhood is Duncan Park, which includes a hiking trail and a challenging and popular BMX (extreme biking) track.

There is a wide range of housing in the area. There are colonial mansions dating to the Nineteenth Century, bungalows built in the 1950s, and some new construction and condos.

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Watchhill Rd. Polo Rd. and Newfield Ln. Rainbow Bend
Kingsbury St. Newfield Ln. and Watchhill Rd. Blanco St.
W. 6th St. and Baylor St.

View video footage of the raucous, almost-anything-goes Eeyore's Birthday party in Pease Park in 2011:

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Old Enfield has some stately mansions dating back as far as the Nineteenth Century, and some bungalow-style homes built in the 1950s. There are also some newer construction and condominiums in the area. The desirability of the neighborhood makes this one of the most expensive neighborhoods in town, with smaller, older homes starting around $600K and larger estates priced in the millions.

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