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Saint Edwards is a residential community surrounding the beautiful campus of St. Edward's University. Although a popular location for students, a mix of other residents also live here, including artists, single young professionals, and families. Residents tend to be friendly and close-knit. Many homes have well-maintained gardens. There are many local shops and restaurants in and near the neighborhood. The neighborhood is bounded on three sides by major local highways and throughfares, giving easy access to the rest of the city.

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Saint Edwards is bounded to the east by I-35, to the south by Hwy. 71, and to the west by Congress Ave. Despite its central location so close to major local avenues, the neighborhood has a close, cozy, highly livable atmosphere. Tree-lined streets and well-tended front gardens abound here.

Although it has popular local businesses and is close to the trendy boutiques and diners just to the north, the area retains its quiet, downhome flavor. Housing is also more affordable here than in neighborhoods closer to downtown.

Transportation to other parts of the city is very convenient because city buses travel along major routes through the area, and the neighborhood is bordered by major city highways and thoroughfares. However, the neighborhood itself offers a wide selection of local shops and eateries, as well as ample opportunities to walk, jog, or exercise your dog.

Although much of the population is made up of St. Edward's students, others also find the neighborhood desirable, including young singles, families, artists, and musicians. More singles than families live here, and the population is young even by Austin standards.

Blunn Creek Nature Preserve

St. Edward's University

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Sherwood Ln. Long Bow Ln. and Sherwood Ln. St. Edwards Dr.
Congress Ave. and Woodward St. Woodward St. Friar Tuck Ln.

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Saint Edwards has mainly three-bedroom, one-story homes, the majority built in the 1960s and 70s. There are also many apartment complexes, as you might expect for a university neighborhood.

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