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South Lamar is a trendy neighborhood with many local shops, restaurants, and lounges. It is also conveniently located just five minutes from downtown and very close to the parks and hiking/biking trails around Barton Springs to the west. Although it is close to central Austin, crime here is relatively low. The population is of mixed ethnicity and includes singles, families, students, and seniors. The area also has top-rated schools.

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South Lamar, a.k.a. "SoLa", was once a sleepy area with mostly used car lots, but has since become one of the lively and most desirable neighborhoods in south Austin. South Lamar offers just about everything that many people find attractive about Austin: live music, local restaurants, clubs, and boutiques, and affordable living.

South Lamar has been continually growing and as more people move into the area, the houses have been upgraded and more amenities have been added in the form of new cafes, shops, and gyms. Although south-central Austin is known for singles, artists, and musicians, South Lamar is also family-friendly with houses, condos, and duplexes, a recreation center, and top-rated schools.

Although modernizing, South Lamar retains its old-time Austin roots. One of the neighborhood landmarks is the Broken Spoke dance hall, named the best country dance hall in the nation by Entertainment magazine and a must-see when visiting Texas by the European Travel Guide.

The neighborhood is just minutes from downtown and the natural greenspaces of Zilker Park and Barton Creek just to the west. It also offers easy access to Hwy. 71 and the rest of the city. Public transportation is also readily available. But you can get most everything you need just walking in the neighborhood. About the only downside are the traffic and noise in the area.

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La Casa Dr. S. Lamar Blvd. and Westrock Dr. Waterloo Trl.
S. Lamar Blvd. and Hwy. 71 Southport Dr. Overcup Oak Dr.

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South Lamar has a range of housing choices including duplexes, apartment complexes, single-family homes, and million-dollar estates. The desirability of the neighborhood helps maintain home values. Housing is generally more affordable than in areas closer to downtown. There are many renters as well.

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