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Triangle State is a newer, upscale, residential/commercial neighborhood in north central Austin. The neighborhood was designed to be largely self-contained with many amenities to appeal to younger, urban professional singles and couples.

The area has consists of luxury condos, homes, and apartments interspersed with shopping centers containing many fine restaurants, stores, and supermarkets. There are also cafes, bars, and other businesses. The area is close to the University of Texas and downtown, and public transportation is readily accessible.

Within the neighborhood are several large green spaces suitable for kids and pets.

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Triangle State is an new, modern planned community in a desirable location in the north area of central Austin. It consists of upscale condos and apartments located above or next to upscale shopping centers. The neighborhood has stores, bars, restaurants, supermarkets, cleaners, and everything else residents could need, all within easy commuting distance. There are even major hospitals in the neighborhood.

Triangle State is named for the triangle formed by W. 45th St. as the base and N. Lamar Blvd. and Guadalupe St. as the legs. For years this neighborhood was mostly empty lots until it was sold by the city to developers. Residents of adjacent neighborhoods worked hard to help Triangle State take the trendy, residential/commercial form it has today.

The neighborhood is close to the dining and nightlife areas of downtown and South Congress. Public bus stops and a rail station are in the neighborhood, offering access to other parts of the city. But with all of the shopping, dining, and entertainment options available in the neighborhood, residents have little need to look elsewhere.

Although it is in the middle of town, the neighborhood also has several greenspaces for residents and their pets to enjoy. The largest greenspace has synchronized fountains and a weekly farmers market.

The neighborhood is very much an urban setting, with the attendant traffic and noise. While there are parks and excellent schools near the area, Triangle State appeals mostly to younger professionals and couples who work in the area or downtown. The apartment complexes are largely occupied by University of Texas students.

Views From the Street

46th St. and Triangle Ave. W. 40th St. and N. Lamar Blvd. Central Park view from W. 38th St.
47th St. and Triangle Ave. W. 47th St. and Guadalupe St. Triangle Park

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Because of its newness, desirable location, and amenities, housing in Triangle State is expensive. Most of the properties are two- and three-bedroom condominiums, though there are some single-family homes. Most homes were built in the late 1990s, when the area was developed. Home prices start at $500K. There are also apartment complexes at the Triangle, in the north section of the neighborhood. A one-bedroom apartment runs $1,200 per month.

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Triangle State, Austin, Texas

Major Zip Code: 78751

Other Zip Code: 78705

Neighborhood Profile

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Lee Elementary School

Kealing Middle School

McCallum High School

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