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University Hills is a multiethnic, middle class neighborhood, short on amenities but long on community pride. The residents form a close-knit group and continually work to improve their living space. The neighborhood association is active and helps keep the area safe and well-maintained.

Homes are older and modest sized but well maintained. The area is rather far away from downtown and public transportation is not easily accessible, so most people have cars. Still, the housing is very affordable and the relative safety and strong sense of community is attractive to families, seniors, and empty nesters.

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Despite the name, University Hills has neither hills nor a university. What it does have is a close-knit community, a wholesome environment with a strong cultural influence, and casual ethnic restaurants. The area is known as a Mexican-American neighborhood but the population is actually about half African American. Residents tend to be friendly and to look out for one another. They also work persistently to preserve and improve the neighborhood environment.

A centerpiece of the neighborhood is the Dottie Jordan Park and Recreation Center, which has a swimming pool and green space for picnicking and walking. The city had planned to turn the park into condominiums in the 1970s, and the residents successfully prevented this from happening. Nearby also are Northeast District Park, Walter E. Long Lake, and Little Walnut Creek, which has a scenic waterway. Residents actively work to preserve the natural beauty of the neighborhood and to improve the seedier sections.

The neighborhood is mostly residential and there are not many shopping or entertainment options within the neighborhood. The neighborhood is somewhat distant from downtown and the University of Texas, and public transportation is hard to find. But I-35, Hwy. 183, and Hwy. 290 are close by, providing access to the rest of the city.

Homes are largely ranch-style and modestly sized, but tend to be on larger lots (two and three acre lots are common). The area is on a dormant volcano, which makes the soil rich, so vegetable gardening is a popular hobby and source of extra income for some.

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Dottie Jordan Park

Dottie Jordan Recreation Center

Davis White Northeast District Park

Walter E. Long Metropolitan Park

Walnut Creek Metropolitan Park

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Bucknell Dr. Duquesne Dr. Roanoke Dr.
Dottie-Jordan Park Kings Point Lynridge Dr.
Vintage Hills Cove Creighton Ln.

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University Hills homes are largely one- and two-bedroom ranch style homes built in the 1960s to 80s. The median home price is in the low $100K range.

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