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Upper Boggy Creek is an eclectic neighborhood, a standard residential suburb with a touch of local Austin charm. There are a variety of homes here with various sizes, styles, and prices. This neighborhood appeals to different types of residents including older students, single professionals, and families. 

The streets are lined with trees and shady, suitable for walking, jogging, and biking. There are several parks nearby and the residential sections are dotted with artist studios, coffee houses, casual local restaurants, and offbeat local businesses.

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Upper Boggy Creek, also known as Cherrywood, is an established neighborhood with older homes and many local businesses. It appeals to families because of the parks in the area, quiet shady streets, and relatively low crime for an east side neighborhood. It also appeals to single professionals and University of Texas students because of its location close to the university and not far from downtown. 

The neighborhood was originally orchards and farms, and was developed into a residential community in the 1930s through 1960s. Many original homes still remain; most are small, wood-framed bungalows, or larger ranch-style homes.

Public transportation is accessible here, and the neighborhood borders I-35 on the west, giving commuter access to other parts of the city. The west section of the neighborhood bordering the interstate highway is the commercial and seedier area, with cheap motels, strip clubs, adult entertainment, and low-rent apartment complexes. But it is also the area that offers more shopping, as I-35 is lined with shopping centers, restaurants, gas stations, auto parts stores, and the like.

The east section has older homes and also many local businesses of various types. Some popular east Austin restaurants are located here, Hoover’s Cooking, El Chile, and Eastside Cafe being among the most well-known. Two of the city’s most popular coffee shops are also in this area, that offer students a quiet study place and live music in the evenings. There are other local cafes, diners, and businesses, including natural healing studios, massage, and acupuncture clinics. The neighborhood is home to many art studios and hosts the annual Cherrywood Art Fair.

Many of the local businesses and art studios are in former homes or other unlikely places, making each trip through the neighborhood a voyage of discovery. Residents tend to be close-knit and friendly, and very concerned about improving their neighborhood and maintaining the its cozy atmosphere and green spaces. 

Hancock Golf Course

Patterson Park

Morris Williams Golf Course

Bartholomew District Park

Cherrywood Art Fair

Views From the Street

Crestwood Rd. and Parkwood Rd. Wilshire Blvd. E. 38th 1/2 St.
Hollywood Ave. E. 32nd Ave. Leona St.
Cherrywood Rd. Larry Ln. Edgewood Ave.

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Real Estate and Apartments

Upper Boggy Creek has older, modestly sized homes and some  renovated houses. Home prices range from the mid-$100K range to over $400K and average in the high $300K range. Homes were built mostly in the 1940s and 50s; some in the 1970s.

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