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Windsor Hills is in many ways a classic suburban neighborhood, quiet, family-friendly, well-tended homes and yards, and not much in the way of entertainment or nightlife. But it is attractive to young families, as well as students and single professionals, because housing is inexpensive and it is easy to commute by car or public transportation to other parts of the city. Although the neighborhood is largely residential, there is shopping and casual dining nearby.

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Windsor Hills is a peaceful, family-oriented, middle class suburban neighborhood with wide streets and well-maintained homes. The neighborhood borders I-35 on the west and public bus lines also make it easy to commute to other parts of the city.

The neighborhood is conveniently located; downtown, the University of Texas, and the shopping centers in north Austin are just 20 minutes drive away. There is also shopping and dining around the neighborhood, mostly national chains and retail stores. Although close to the interstate, the neighborhood interior is very quiet.

The population is of mixed ethnicity, a combination of Caucasian, African-American, and Hispanic. Being rather far removed from central Austin housing in the area remains relatively inexpensive. This makes it attractive to younger families just starting out, and the neighborhood is populated with many twenty- and thirty-something couples and families. There are also some newer apartment complexes and condos that appeal to single professionals and students. Many seniors and empty nesters also call this neighborhood home. 

Although the neighborhood is relatively safe, the south section bordering Rundberg Lane has been known as a high-crime zone. But the neighborhood residents work diligently to improve the area, particularly the south section. The neighborhood association is working with the city to bring in residential and commercial development that would rejuvenate the area. The Gus Garcia Recreation Center in the south section of the area opened in 2008 and provides recreational and sports programs to children and adults.

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Bluff Bend Dr. Floradale Dr. Teasdale Ter.
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Northcape Dr. Collingsworth Dr.

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Windsor Hills has two- and three-bedroom homes built mainly in the 1970s, with some built in the 1960s and 80s. Prices average in the low to mid-$100K range.

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