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Wooten is a middle class neighborhood in north Austin. In the past, the neighborhood had a reputation for crime, but with the help of residents the area has been gradually improving. While there are still certain sections to avoid, and theft and vandalism are still issues, there are other sections that are safe in which one can get a good housing price.

The neighborhood doesn't have many restaurants or shops within it, but there are dining and shopping options along the borders. The area is about a 10 minute drive to downtown and the University of Texas. The community is close-knit and residents are working together to keep improving the area.

There has been commercial development along Burnet Rd. which has led to more businesses opening up in the area. Wooten is a good place to consider for young families looking for affordable housing.

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Wooten is sometimes called North Allandale because it has similar characteristics to nearby Allandale and Crestview, but with less expensive housing.

In the past the neighborhood was thought of as crime-infested, but residents have been striving to improve the area's appearance and reputation. Homeowners keep their houses and yards well-maintained and have neighborhood watch programs. The neighborhood association is relatively active and has a web site and Facebook page.

There are still sections, mainly along Wooten Park Drive, that are to be avoided, but other sections, such as Brockman St., are relatively safe. However, residents still tend to keep their cars locked and in the garage at night.

Wooten is residential and so there's not much in the way of dining or nightlife within the neighborhood. However on the neighborhood border are Mexican restaurants, an Olive Garden, and fast food. There is also Northcross Mall, which has public ice skating and some stores but is partly closed down.

Public bus routes are accessible here to reach downtown and the university. The neighborhood is also close to Hwy. 183 which traverses the city. The schools serving the neighborhood are above average and there are private schools just south. The population is a combination of young singles, families, and students.

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Brockman St. Sales St. Wooten Park Dr.
Polar Dr. Hearthstone Dr. Weyburn Dr. and Penny Ln.
Burnet Middle School Tisdale Dr. and W. Anderson Ln.

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Wooten offers some of the better housing values in town. There is a mix of single family homes and townhomes. Single family homes here range from  $150K to $275K. Townhomes are priced around $70K. There are also affordable apartment complexes.

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