Northeast Austin Neighborhoods

Northeast Austin has similarities to east Austin: steeped in history; longtime residents whose families have lived there for generations; some quiet residential areas, and some unsavory and crime-ridden ones. One attraction of the area is its convenient location. The relatively central location makes it convenient to get downtown, to shopping on the north side of Austin, or to the high-tech companies on the northwest side (not accounting for the infamous Austin traffic). The area is also convenient to the IKEA and upscale retail outlets of Round Rock.

Northeast Austin is a tale of two cities. The north and east sides consist largely of peaceful neighborhoods consisting of 1950s-70s vintage homes with fairly large yards, wide streets, parks, and a mix of young families, and seniors of various ethnicities. Some singles and students are attracted to the area also because of its low housing prices and its proximity to downtown and the University of Texas.

As you get further south and west, closer to I-35 and 290, the neighborhoods turn noticeably more rundown, and more crime-infested. Plus, in this area you encounter more problems with the traffic along I-35.

The numbered markers on the map below indicate different neighborhoods. Click on a marker to see the neighborhood name and to view details, or click on one of the links to the right.

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Wide streets and well-maintained homes in Windsor Hills

Lots of mature trees in Copperfield

1. Windsor Park
2. Pecan Springs-Springdale
3. University Hills
4. Coronado Hills
5. St. Johns
6. Heritage Hills
7. Windsor Hills
8. Copperfield