Mount Bonnell
3800 Mt Bonnell Rd.


Mount Bonnell scenic view

Mount Bonnell dates back as far as 1850 and is one of Austin's oldest, and best-known, attractions.

It's a climb up a 100-step stone staircase to the top, but the view is more than worth it.

You're rewarded with a spectacular view of Lake Austin, Pennybacker Bridge to the west, and downtown Austin just five miles to the east.

People come here to take in the scenery, watch the boats on the lake, admire the million-dollar homes on the lake, watch the sunrise, gaze at the stars, or even watch the fireworks on July 4.

The walk up the stairs and on the mountain itself is a bit rough, so wear good walking shoes (read: no flip-flops). Also the climb can be a little tiring when it's 100+ degrees outside, so try to go when it's not so hot, or consider bringing drinking water.

Watch a video about Mount Bonnell:

View the scenery from the top:

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