Austin Restaurants

As you explore Austin Texas, you're bound to get hungry, and you'll find a generous helping of Austin restaurants.

In keeping with Austin's casual, laid-back atmosphere, there are lots of casual, laid-back restaurants. It seems like most everywhere you go around town, there's a locally-owned dining establishment where you can get a decent, relatively inexpensive breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

And the later you get in the day or the week, the more likely it is you can have your meal accompanied by libations and live music.

There are also many fine dining restaurants in town, for those special occasions.

The choices among restaurants in Austin reflect the city's Southwestern heritage. You want barbecue? Steak? Mexican? You'll find places here to rival any in the U.S.

For you vegetarians/vegans/pescetarians, you'll also find a large selection from which to choose your favorite(s).

But Korean? Or Italian? Your selections are more limited, although that's changing as the population continues to expand.

In the pages linked below we give an overview of dining choices available in Austin, sorted by cuisine and area of town. Each category begins with our personal favorites, followed by a longer listing of restaurants in that category.

Please note that this is not, nor is it intended to be, a complete list of restaurants in town. With new places constantly opening up, such a list would be obsolete almost as soon as it was published. New places are constantly appearing, so these pages will be updated regularly.

Also note that the list of favorites in each category are only our personal opinions, based on our experiences. We believe these restaurants each represent a good combination of quality, service, and value.

But we realize there are many excellent dining establishments and opinions differ. If a restaurant is not listed among our favorites, that is not intended as a reflection on that restaurant. We may simply not be familiar or have not visited a place often enough to form an opinion.

With that said ...

Click on a link below to view a list of restaurants in that category.

Coffee and Tea
Greek/Mediterranean/Middle Eastern
Ice Cream
Latin American

Food Trucks and Trailers

South First Food Court

We'd be remiss in not mentioning the many food trucks and trailers in Austin. Austin has more than one thousand mobile eating establishments, and that number is growing regularly.

As the city's population has exploded, so has the number of food trucks and trailers. Some of them stay in one location, such as at a food trailer park, and others move around seasonally or even daily. Some serve more conventional entrees, and others specialize in creative and unusual concoctions and mixtures of different cuisines.

For a list and reviews of the movable dining establishments in Austin, visit these sites:

Austin Food Carts

Austin Food Trailers

This video captures some of the Austin food trailer culture:

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